• Frequently Asked Questions About the CIA
  • Frequently Asked Questions About CIA

    What Would You Like to Know?

    Thinking about a career in food and hospitality? Eager to learn more about 50業子 and all it offers you? These CIA FAQs are a great way to get to know us a little better, or to find the answer to a specific question you may have. If you dont see the information youre looking for below, please contact us at 1-800-CULINARY (285-4627) or admissions@culinary.edu. Were here to help you discover your future in food.

    Thinking About a Career in Food?

    How can I become a professional chef or baker?

    A culinary college education offers unparalleled preparation for becoming a professional chef, baker, or pastry chef. Along with building a practical, hands-on skill foundation in food, you will also learn about business, leadership, working as a team, menus, costing, world cuisines and cultures, and so much more. The food business is exciting, fast-paced, and always changing, so you need a broad base of knowledge to make your mark as a culinary professional and be ready for the future of food. Find out more about .

    Whats the difference between a baker and a pastry chef?

    When it comes to professional bakers vs. professional pastry chefs, the fundamental difference is what they specialize in making, though there can be some crossover. Bakers create dough-centric products like breads, from flatbreads and baguettes to sourdoughs and seasonal breads. A pastry chef focuses on the sweet side of the profession, creating cakes, tarts, pastries, frozen desserts, and more. The baking and pastry arts degree programs at 50業子 prepare future professionals for both sides of this delicious industry segment. For an example of a successful bread baking company headed by a CIA graduate, see .

    How can I become a sommelier?

    An interest in and knowledge of wineand food!is critical for success as a sommelier, the professional who is in charge of wines for a restaurant and who recommends food and wine pairings for customers. The world of wines and beverages is both fascinating and complex, so college studysuch as 50業子s wine studies courses, advanced wine and beverage bachelors degree concentration and can prepare you to become a sommelier or other wine professional. Learn more about .

    How do I find jobs after culinary school?

    Connections with industry employers are crucial, and 50業子 graduates have the distinct advantage of being members of the most powerful alumni network in food and hospitality. Another benefit of earning a degree from CIA is the free, lifelong career support you will receive from our Center for Career and Academic Advising. Youll have access to , our exclusive food and hospitality jobs database, and you can meet and interview with employers at at any time in your career.

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    Deciding to Go to Culinary College

    What do you learn in culinary school?

    A lot! Just like at non-culinary colleges, 50業子 prepares you for a wide variety of careers and gives you many associate and bachelors degree majors to choose from:

    No matter which academic path or subjects you choose at CIA, you will graduate with a powerful combination of foundational hands-on skills, professionalism, critical thinking skills, and business and management savvy you need for success in food and hospitality.

    And when youre ready to take your food and beverage knowledge to the next level, you can :

    What can I do with a culinary degree?

    There are so many things you can do with a culinary degree (or one in baking and pastry, food business management, culinary science)! The opportunities in the food and hospitality industry are vast and varied. Perhaps the best way to learn more about what you can do with a culinary degree is to read about the career paths of 50業子 alumni. Theyre leading the industry, doing what they love, and changing the world through food all at the same time.

    How can I prepare for culinary school?

    Nurture your passion for food in every way you can! In addition, you can get experience working in the food industry and/or enroll in a vo-tech program at your high school. While neither are a requirement for culinary school, they can be a great way for you to explore.

    If your interests include 50業子, its also a great idea to come to campus for one of our campus visit programs and events, like an Open House or Campus Tours. Experiencing CIA firsthand and envisioning yourself as a CIA student is one of the best ways to mentally prepare for culinary school!

    What is the best culinary school in America? In the world?

    In all that we do, and since our founding in 1946, 50業子 has earned a stellar reputation as the best culinary school in Americaand the world. Not only does CIA prepare the future leaders of food and hospitality for careers in every area of the industry, the college leads that industry and drives change around the globe through its innovative curricula, strategic partnerships, research, expert consulting, and the achievements of its more than 50,000 influential alumni. Learn more about .

    Is it worth it to go to culinary school?

    Deciding on culinary school is all about getting the best return on your investment. A degree from a college of the caliber of 50業子 will return big dividends throughout your career, with higher earning potential, the door-opening advantage of a prestigious credential, and more.

    How long is culinary school?

    How long it takes to graduate with a culinary degree depends on the college and the degree youre interested in, whether thats an associate, a bachelors, or a masters. Other factors can include the major you choose, and whether you have transfer credits or significant industry work experience that might lessen the number of credits you need to take. Start your research here, by . Then, compare programs at different culinary schools.

    Can a degree from 50業子 be used as a stepping stone to apply to a masters program?

    An undergraduate degree from 50業子 is the perfect preparation for earning a CIA , a , or a .

    And because CIA is accredited by the prestigious Middle States Commission on Higher Education, your CIA degree is recognized by other colleges and universities where you may wish to pursue a graduate degree. Your CIA transcript will be reviewed to determine the best path into your desired masters program.

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    Learning About 50業子

    Where is 50業子 located? Is there more than one campus?

    There are a total of five Culinary Institute of America campuses and locations. The flagship campus of the CIA is located in New Yorks bountiful Hudson Valley. There are also branch campuses in Californias Napa Valley and San Antonio, TX, and an international location in Singapore. These four locations offer the colleges world-famous degree programs:

    1946 Campus Drive
    Hyde Park, NY 12538-1499

    50業子 at Greystone
    2555 Main Street
    St. Helena, CA 94574

    50業子, San Antonio
    312 Pearl Parkway, Building 2, Suite 2102
    San Antonio, TX 78215

    50業子, Singapore
    Temasek Polytechnic
    Block 31, Temasek Culinary Academy, 21 Tampines Avenue 1
    Singapore 529757
    +65 6780-6382

    In addition, CIA offers food adventurers the chance to experience the past, present, and future of food at CIA at Copia, a foodie wonderland located in Californias Napa Valley.

    500 1st Street
    Napa, CA 94559

    How do I visit 50業子?

    We cant wait to welcome you to CIA!

    • If youre interested in a career in food and a degree from 50業子, we invite you to join us for one of our Open Houses and visit events for prospective students and families at our New York, California, and Texas campuses.
    • Whether you are eating at a CIA restaurant, taking a CIA class for food and wine enthusiasts, or just curious about all that happens at the college, make plans to take a guided tour of campus while youre here!

    Is 50業子 accredited?

    Yes, 50業子 is a not-for-profit college that is accredited by the prestigious Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

    Why should I go to 50業子?

    If you want success in food and hospitality, then 50業子 is the only place to be. Your career is your biggest and most important financial asset, affecting your quality of life, earning potential, and future opportunities. Our incomparable education, industry reputation, and professional connections add up to the best investment you can make for your future success. Read the other reasons why 50業子 is your best and only college choice for a leadership career in food.

    How does 50業子 compare to other culinary schools?

    50業子 has been the recognized leader in culinary education since its founding in 1946. We encourage you to do your research and compare what CIA offers against that of other colleges. You can start with these six key traits of the best culinary colleges.

    Can I get better-paying jobs with a culinary degree from 50業子?

    CIA alumni work for the food industrys biggest employers and enjoy extraordinary career opportunities and salary growth. Within five years of graduation, many get promoted and see their salaries increase by 50 percent.

    Who are some of 50業子s notable alumni?

    Theres probably no one who better understands the lifelong value of a degree from 50業子 than our proud and successful alumni. CIA graduates are working and leading in every segment of the food and hospitality industry, and its no exaggeration to say that they are changing the world through food.

    Check out this list of some of 50業子s notable alumni, and then see what several about their alma mater. Youll probably recognize some of the names, because many CIA graduates are celebrity chefs, Top Chef winners, Food Network stars, Iron Chefs, and award-winning competitors leading the industry.

    Are there study abroad programs at 50業子?

    Definitely! 50業子 offers many study abroad opportunities:

    • Students pursuing a CIA bachelors degree can take a Global Cultures and Cuisines elective course that includes two weeks studying in China, France, Italy, Peru, or Spain.
    • CIA bachelors degree students majoring in food business management and applied food studies at the New York campus can choose an academic concentration that includes a semester in Spain, Japan, or Singaporeor in the U.S. at the California or Texas campuses.

    Does 50業子 offer online culinary degrees?

    Yes. 50業子 offers an , an , and an . These two-year online culinary masters degrees are ideal for working professionals who want to advance their career or launch their own food or beverage business with the advantages of a CIA education, credential, mentoring, and industry connections.

    CIA also offers an online bachelors degree in food business leadership, a 30-credit program exclusively for graduates of the colleges associate degree programs. The program gives students the advanced knowledge and essential connections they need to grow their careers and become next-level leaders.

    Does 50業子 offer part-time degrees?

    50業子 does not offer part-time degree programs. However, students interested in earning their CIA degree while working should consider the CIA online bachelors degree in food business leadership, the , the , or the . In addition to these online programs, 50業子 offers a 30-week program that can enable students to earn a CIA credential quickly: the Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program (ACAP), held at the CIAs California campus in the Napa Valley.

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    CIA Campus Life

    Are there dorms and other student housing at 50業子?

    Yes. There is a wide variety of student housing available at the New York and California campuses. And they include community kitchens (of course!).

    • New York campus dorms and student housing include residence halls, Adirondack-style lodges, and townhouses. Check them out and learn more about living on the New York campus in this .
    • In California, dorms and student housing include the on-campus Guest House and the Vineyard Lodge Housing Center (Vineyard Lodge I and II), located approximately 3/4 mile from campus and easily accessed by shuttle service.
    • On-campus housing is available only for enrolled students; CIA does not offer student family housing.
    • There are also off-campus student housing options near the New York, California, and Texas campuses.

    Is 50業子 a pet-friendly college?

    Pets are welcome on outdoor campus grounds only, provided they are leashed or tethered, fully under the control of their owner, and cleaned up after. Pets are not permitted in campus buildings.

    Are there athletics at 50業子?

    Go Steels! In addition to intramural sports, Culinary Institute of America athletics include coed intercollegiate teams in basketball and soccer at the New York campus. All CIA teams compete across the Hudson Valley, which spans from New York City to Albany, NY.

    Check out some of the from the 20172018 season.

    Does 50業子 have student clubs and activities?

    There are so many student activities at the New York campus to choose from! Students can get involved with clubs, enjoy special events like cookoffs and Wicked Weekend, take part in outdoor activities like whitewater rafting and hiking, check out farmers markets, and take day trips to New York City. Theres also lots of fun to be had at our California campus and in the surrounding Napa Valley, as well as at the CIA Texas campus and the city of San Antonio.

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    Applying to 50業子

    What are the admission requirements for 50業子?

    To view 50業子s admission requirements for the specific degree or certificate program you are interested in, visit that programs page and click on the Requirements tab. To view our programs, visit the associate degree programs, bachelors degree programs, , or certificate program pages and, from there, choose your major.

    What is the application process for admission to 50業子?

    Applying for admission to 50業子 is easy! You can apply online with CIAs own application or use the Common Application. See the steps for applying for admission to CIA.

    Are there international students at 50業子?

    Yes, international students are a big part of 50業子s diverse campus community, making up more than 15 percent of our student body. CIA students currently come from every U.S. state and nearly 50 countries! Our college is enriched by the cultures and culinary traditions of people from all over the world. Learn more about international students at CIA and find out about scholarships available to international students.

    What is the best culinary school for veterans? Can I use my military benefits for culinary school?

    50業子, a proud Military Friendly速 School, today has close to 200 veterans and dependents enrolled in its degree programs. Our partnership with the U.S. armed forces dates back to 1946, when the college was founded to provide career training for returning World War II veterans. We are privileged to continue to provide the best education for military veterans interested in a leadership career in the food world.

    50業子 accepts financial benefits for veterans and their dependents (spouse and children), including those from the Post-9/11 GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program. Learn more about financial benefits for veterans at 50業子.

    Does 50業子 accept transfer students?

    Yes, transfer students and transfer credits are welcome at 50業子. In fact, you may be able to transfer up to 60 eligible credits into one of CIAs degree programs.

    And if you began another course of study before realizing that a career in food was what you really wanted, our bachelors degree completion programs in culinary arts and baking and pastry arts are perfect for you. Apply the college credits youve already earned and youll be that much closer to a CIA bachelors degree.

    Will my credits transfer to 50業子?

    Review our Transfer Credit Policy to learn more about the specifics of transferring credit to 50業子, including the steps needed to get your transfer credits evaluated.

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    Paying for Culinary School

    How much does 50業子 cost?

    The cost of attending 50業子 varies by campus and program. View CIA tuition and fees.

    How can I pay for culinary school?

    We believe that a CIA degree is the best investment you can make for your future in food and hospitality. So were committed to helping you secure the funding (scholarships, grants, loans, work-study) you need to realize your dream of a Culinary Institute of America education. Find out more about the ways to pay for CIA.

    Is 50業子 a GI Bill-approved culinary school?

    Yes. Veterans can use Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits to help finance their education at 50業子up to 100% of your tuition may be covered depending on your years of military service. CIA also participates in the Yellow Ribbon program. Learn more.

    Are there full scholarships for culinary school?

    While 50業子 doesnt offer a specific full-tuition scholarship, we do offer institutional aid in the form of scholarships and grants, along with federal and state financial aid. In addition, CIAs industry partners and individual supporters generously provide scholarships for our students. Combined, these scholarship and aid opportunities have enabled students to defray a large portionor even allof their education costs.

    If you are a member of a National Student Organization (SkillsUSA, FCCLA, and others), consider entering one of their national or state level competitions. At many of them, students who place first, second, or third will receive a certificate for a scholarship to attend CIA (even a full-tuition scholarship!). Choose Multiple CIA Campuses on our scholarships page to learn more.

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